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Using our proprietary software we can retrieve the records you need for your case.  Our software was designed with the requestor in mind. We have done all of the research for you.  You simply fill out our on-line request form and let us do the rest.  Using our innovative process of records retrieval, our team will expedite the retrieval of your records.  Once a request for records has been submitted, our team will focus on retrieving your records as timely as possible.  Upon receipt of your records, you will receive an email notification that your records are available for viewing and downloading.


Our software contains extensive databases containing doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, dentists, pharmacies and medical facilities for you to choose from.  We are able to obtain certified copies of medical records such as reports, charts, admit sheets, histories, nurses’ and physicians’ notes and orders, pharmacy records, discharge summaries and more for any time period you indicate.


Our team understands the dynamics of hospitals, doctor’s facilities and other medical records offices.  We understand that some facilities house billing records as Administrative Records and will only provide patient’s medical billing records if specifically requested or if addressed differently.  Our software gives you the option to request billing records along with the medical records.  We will provide you with the most efficient means of obtaining complete medical records, which includes the corresponding medical billing records if you choose.


We strive to be your complete medical record procurement source.  Our software allows you to request radiology records which could include x-ray, MRI scans, CT, myelogram films or digital images from radiology departments.  We will work to obtain these films/images for you and provide them to you as quickly as possible. 


We recognize the abundance of relevant information that is contained in an employer’s file of each employee.  Our easy to use request form allows you to request employment records from as many employers as you would like which could provide you with relevant medical records, insurance records, evaluations, payroll earnings and other detailed information.


Our system allows you to request certified/non-certified detailed earnings information or certified yearly totals of earnings from the Social Security Administration.  This information could be used to determine income received or earned by an individual.


If you would like to request tax and wage information including tax return transcripts, tax account information, W-2 information, 1099 information, verification of non-filing and record of account for an individual or business our online request form will allow you to request all of this information.  We will eliminate the need for you to keep up with the ever-changing submission process and fee schedule.

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