Request ~a~ Record Privacy Policy

Q. Does it cost anything to open an account?
A. No. You will not be charged until you make a request.

Q. What does your service cost?
A. Our service costs vary.  We charge a flat rate for each request.  The rate is negotiated based on the volume of requests for your Office/Firm.  The cost per request is set when we send you the terms and billing agreement.  The direct costs for the records (postage, dr. charges, fees) are passed on to the requestor with no mark-up. For more information, call us at (225) 301-4772 or email us at

Q.  How will I be invoiced?
A.  You will be invoiced using your case number to track the charges.  Generally, our terms are net 30 days after the receipt of the last request for that case number.  You will be sent an electronic invoice.  Paper invoices will be sent also unless you choose paperless.  See Terms for more information on late fees.

Q. What type of security measures do you have in place to ensure the protection of information contained in requests and in medical records?
A. We use the following security measures:

  • All records are encrypted using 128-bit encryption
  • All information is kept on our secure, dedicated server
  • Our server is behind a dedicated, hardware firewall
  • None of the records are stored in the public domain area

Q. How do I receive my records once you have them?
A. You will be sent a notification via e-mail that your records are ready for download.  Just log in and go to your “files ready” page and download the available records.

Q. How many times can I download the same record?
A. For security purposes and to protect sensitive information, you can only download the record one time.  Our server will remove the record after a successful download. 

Q. What if I do not have a successful download and the record is not there to download again?
A. We retain the records for 14 business days after a download.  Contact us at (225) 301-4772 or and we will work with you to correct the problem.

Q. How long do I have to download the record before it is removed from the site?
A. You will have 14 business days to download the record.  If it is not downloaded during that time, it will be removed from the download list.  You will then have 14 business days to contact us.  If you do not make contact during that time, then the record will be purged.  You will still be billed for any records, which are not downloaded.

Q. Can I request records for multiple attorneys?
A. Yes, our system will allow you to set up your profile to view and request for multiple attorneys.


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